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Startup Culture: Think Less, Do More

time for action signI’ve seen many lists over the years about what makes a great company culture.  This one, from one of the founders of HubSpot on company culture, is worth reading. I like the author’s very first point on action orientation – all his other points too. Wish I made the action orientation point in my previous post regarding “Experimentation and Early Competitive Advantage”.

I’ve only written one business plan in my life. It was while I was in business school, and it was required. Generally, I think business plans are pretty useless (but the planning process can be quite useful).

The problem with business plans is that things change so quickly in the startup world. Before the ink is even dry on that 100+ page business plan as it shoots out the printer, things have already changed and “the plan” is already outdated. Stuff happens: Good stuff, bad stuff — and every now and then, amazing stuff.

Very few startups I know – or companies I’ve invested in – resemble their original business plan. (And that’s a good thing, because it means they’re shaping their businesses to meet the needs of their customers.)

Great startup employees are the same way. They think a little and then do a lot. And then they adapt and modify.

The best companies often don’t start with a brilliant idea, they iterate into one.

It’s hard to learn from thinking. It’s much easier to learn from doing.

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