Why this Blog – Writing for Learning

Many years ago I worked for AT&T and first heard the term “early thinking” at Bell Labs. I am not sure it was widely used. However, over the years, it has come to mean for me an approach to stimulate new ideas. It is understood that you will nurture the specific idea: not shoot it down rather help shape it. This is decidedly different than brainstorming – a method for generating a large number of ideas as possible solutions to a problem. When engaged in “early thinking” you focus on a single idea adding your knowledge, experience and insight.

Writing is a way to think: insights can be uncovered or lack of understanding can be exposed. The former comes after the latter.

About me

I’ve held senior management and top executive positions in telecom and high-tech start-ups.  If you wish to contact me, Roger W. Boyce, please use rboyce@theearlythinking.com.